Essays & Articles

Art exhibition review of “Luminosity” for Under-Main magazine, March 2014

“Hydropower: The Low-hanging Fruit of Renewable Energy,” essay for Under-Main magazine, April 2014

“U.S. Poised for Major Low-Impact Hydropower Expansion”. Forsooth Newspaper, July/August 2012

Columnist and Editorialist, Business Lexington, a division of Smiley Pete Publishing, Lexington, Kentucky. Fall 2009 – ongoing. Articles listed below.

“Every Drop Counts: Kentucky Can Make a Meaningful Investment in Hydropower” Parting Thoughts essay, published July 20, 2012 in Business Lexington.

“Comprehension beyond Legibility,” critical art essay about contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing, published November 10, 2010, in Business Lexington to correspond with Transylvania’s Morlan Gallery exhibit, “Memories of the Past: Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting.”

“Wendell Berry Draws the Line: An interview with Zoé Strecker,” published October 1, 2010 in Business Lexington, in a special addition to the editorial section about the value of the University of Kentucky’s “Top 20” pursuit. This focus is Berry’s decision to remove personal papers from the University of Kentucky’s archives as a protest of the university’s allegiance with the coal industry and of their failure to fulfill their mandates as a land grant institution.

“Point/Counter Point: Overdependence on coal carries high price for Kentucky,” published September 17, 2010 in Business Lexington. Writer rebuttal to a reader letter from Charles Baird, Chairman of the Coal Operators’ Association, Pikeville, Kentucky.

“Winds of Change: New Data Shows Wind Power Promising as a Clean Kentucky Resource: Northern Fayette County Clocks Best Speeds in State,” published July 8, 2010in Business Lexington, cover story. Article analyzing new wind power potential in Kentucky according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories and to regional renewable energy engineers.

“Playing with Power,” published June 10, 2010 in Business Lexington, Arts and Philanthropy Section.   Exhibition and performance review of the Lexington Art League’s Passing: Fashioning Drag and interview with four artists.

“Power in Sync with Real Time,” published November 25, 2009 in Business Lexington, Editorial Section. Article about the costs and benefits of renewable hydropower energy in Kentucky as compared with coal-fired power plants in the state.

“Land of Tomorrow: A Fluid-feeling Hybrid,” published October 29, 2009, in Business Lexington, Arts and the Economy. Article about design fabrication / art project space business prototype and interview with London Design Collective, NOUS, exhibition originator.

“Not For the Faint of Heart,” published September 17, 2009 in Business Lexington. Art review of two-venue contemporary figurative ceramics exhibits at Transylvania University’s Morlan Gallery and the University of Kentucky’s Tuska Center for Contemporary Art.

“Sink or Swim: Tough Economy Highlights need for more creative arts marketing,” published September 3, 2009 in Business Lexington, Arts and the Economy. Article and video interview with Michael Kaiser, President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

“Nature sounds; some assembly required,” Critical review of sonic installation by Dmitry Strakovsky in the Downtown Arts Center Gallery. Lexington Herald-Leader and Sunday, March 2, 2008.

Kentucky Off The Beaten Path: A Guide to Unique Places, 1992, The Globe Pequot Press, Old Saybrook, Connecticut. (10th Edition, March 2015)