Cogent OA: Arts and Humanities Journal

Cogent OA: Arts & Humanities, a new peer-reviewed academic journal for the publication of cutting-edge research and creative work across all fields of the humanities. I am one of two Senior Editors for the Visual and Performing Arts section.

This international journal sits within the Taylor and Francis (UK) publishing group’s interconnected series of publications, enabling work to be visible to relevant audiences in related disciplines. An open access journal is a publicly-accessible platform that does not charge subscription fees or require membership in professional societies or employment in an academic institution. This business model in academic publishing is relatively new. Authors may elect to pay an author publishing charge, though it is imagined that the universities that employ the academic contributors will pay this optional fee in order to promote faculty work and increase scholarly citation.


In the Visual and Performing Arts section we are publishing an exciting combination of creative work alongside more traditional academic essays. Our ability to present multi-media artwork (and documentation of artwork) sets Cogent apart from print only journals. We publish all forms of artwork that can be (re)produced digitally, including video, high resolution still images, audio, animation, video documentation of creative processes, interviews, interactive digital work, musical and choreographic scores, software packages, data sets, text-based theatrical and performance scripts, and more.


My current editorial project is a special collection of pieces that explore the intersection of art and ecology / climate change. We will publish artwork and documentation of artwork in various media alongside academic essays.

Please visit the Cogent on line by clicking here or on the logo below.